Technology drives change in travel industry

“Tourism management must be analytic, problem-solving, calm and cool.” — Donna Keyes By Dave Gardner Information technology (IT) is now playing a key role in the success of tourism, as vital data spreads and then influences buying decisions at the speed of light. This appears to be especially true when tourism operators attempt to tap into the vast market now being offered by the nation’s millions of youth, often known as the millennials. (read more)

  • Technology drives change in travel industry
  • NEPA culture is unique and authentic to tourists
  • Business and the Law: Tourists beware
  • Lodging changes with demands of millennial generation
  • Honing Your Marketing Program
  • Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: The Many Endeavors of Orna Clum
  • Community Bank NA celebrates 150 years



45 Robot Deployment Systems in construction at Tobyhanna Army Depot

By Justin Eimers, Tobyhanna Army Depot Work has begun at Tobyhanna Army Depot on a system that officials say will add an extra safety blanket for soldiers in the field against the threat of improvised explosive devices and roadside bombs. Engineers and te


Opinion: The Mismanaging of Iranian Sanctions

By Doug Batzel For the past 35 years, sanctions of some sort have been placed on Iran. Depending on who you ask, they have resulted either in a landmark nuclear agreement, or they are a miserable failure. Dire threats and bullying are what we see coming f

Annual Trails Symposium focuses on 'Closing the Gaps'

By Natalie Gelb Gaining new perspective on a familiar topic is a great way to inspire creativity and to spark innovation — and that’s just what organizers of the upcoming Northeastern Pennsylvania Trails Symposium are expecting for attendees at the progra

Personal Strategic Planning: Tactics

By Biagio “Bill” Sciacca All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. — Sun Tzu Well, here we are in month four of our journey through Personal Strategic Planning. I truly hope tha

The Internet didn't kill ads and brands

By Dave Taylor “Predicting the future is easy … getting it right is the hard part.”  — Howard Frank One of the monumentally wrong predictions in the early days of the Internet was that this new technology would lead to the end of advertising. The reasonin

Can Sharing Foster Economic Growth?

By Howard J. Grossman, AICP The sharing economy offers many lessons for the Pocono-Northeast. This market model refers to the peer-to-peer economic structure that has arisen from the underuse of assets and the desire to gain monetary value from their use.

Stroke: A Survivor's Story

By Phil Yacubosky and Christine Fanning Mary Ann Savitsky was going about her usual everyday business last April. She had shopped at Caravia Fresh Foods, in Clarks Summit, for groceries and had just gotten into her car. “I was about to put the key in the

Management/Human Resources

Execution of project more than a tactical process

By Larry Puleo The fundamental problem with execution of strategic projects is that people think of it as the tactical side of business. It’s something leaders delegate while they focus on the perceived ‘bigger’ issues. This idea is completely wrong. If g


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