The New Entrepreneurs

By Dave Gardner Although they may be an endangered species, the nation’s entrepreneurs continue to try, fail and then try again with fascinating attempts to become self-employed. According to Gallup, the United States now ranks No. 12 among the globe’s developed nations with business startups. Even relatively small nations such as Israel, Finland and Hungary, are experiencing higher rates of business births than America.

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  • The New Entrepreneurs
  • 'Entrepreneurs see Things Differently'
  • Assistive Technology Research Institute opens Internet to users of all ages
  • Spotlight is on Jet's Pizza
  • Entrepreneurs Lit With Self Determination
  • Scholarship fund established at Penn College
  • Budget Impasse: Get it Done!


Spotlight is on Jet's Pizza

LONGING FOR THE TASTE When it comes to pizza in northeastern Pennsylvania, there is guaranteed to be at least one kind for every palate imaginable. Jet’s Pizza in Dickson City hopes to appeal not just to the residents of “The Valley,” but to the entire re

Changing Agriculture

By Phil Yacuboski For the past three years, Bill and Amada Banta have been busy growing hydroponic lettuce and herbs at their greenhouses in Falls. As the only hydroponic operation that grows 12 months out of the year, Rowlands Pennsylvania Produce is wor

Note From Editor: Entrepreneurs Valuable for Economy

I truly admire the fortitude of people who can conceive of a need for a business and then stop at nothing to make it a success. The values that color an entrepreneur — vision, daring, respect for self and other people and honesty — I’d like to think I hav
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