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Economic Winners and Losers

Economic Winners and Losers by Dave Gardner As 2018 unfolds and the effects of the Great Recession become hard-learned lessons, an examination of NEPA’s economic sectors presents surprising diversity, as well as a few big guns. Gene Barr, president and CE (read more)

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Alternative Energy

by Dave Gardner In view of the reality that the solar energy absorbed by the Earth in one hour is greater than all of the energy now used globally in one year, it becomes clear that renewable energy systems are here to stay. The most widespread renewable (read more)

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E-commerce in 2018 and Beyond

by Dave Gardner The dreaded new competitor to traditional retail success, dubbed e-commerce, is also becoming a valued partner for merchants who choose to adapt. The power of e-commerce as a market disrupter is clearly unstoppable. Five years ago, nationa (read more)

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Booze Business is Booming in PA

by Phil Yacuboski Pennsylvania is out with its annual report of liquor sales across the state and finished 2016-2017 with record sales that total more than $2.5 billion, a nearly four percent increase over the previous report. The Pennsylvania Liquor Cont (read more)

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Dairy Days: A Look at the Milk Industry

by Phil Yacuboski The price of milk is causing a bit of a shakeup in Pennsylvania’s dairy industry, causing some Pennsylvania dairy farmers to rethink their business strategies. “Milk, as is any commodity, is in a highly cyclical market,” said Jayne Sebri (read more)

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Flu Business

by Phil Yacuboski At their Pennsylvania offices in Wyoming County, Southwestern Energy is like many other businesses in our area — dealing with the flu that has hit just about everywhere. “This is a particularly severe flu season,” said Mike Narcavage, co (read more)

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Retirement and long-term care

By Dave Gardner Prospects for the Woodstock Generation to enjoy a healthy retirement appear to be increasingly filled with nagging unknowns, as this massive group of historic Americans transitions to walkers and wheelchairs. Lynn Evans, a certified financ (read more)

Business Briefs

MOHEGAN VALUE NOT APPEALED The assessed value for the Mohegan Sun Pocono casino property will remain $152.5 million because Mohegan Sun and the Wilkes-Barre Area School District did not appeal a Luzerne County Court decision from December, school district (read more)

Small Business Spotlight

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

It’s All About the Manager

by Biagio “Bill” Sciacca I was looking at some old paperwork the other day thinking about what I could throw out and what I should possibly keep when I came across the abstract of a very old study. I believe this study was conducted in the late 1950s or t (read more)

Incapacity Planning: Proper Planning Can Ease a Sensitive Subject

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“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” — William Jennings Bryan. We often take more time planning our vacations than we do our future. While it may not be a fun topic o (read more)

2018 Top 25 Women in Business

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