Jared McTague

Non-negotiable: honesty, integrity, accountability
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Photo: Tom Bonomo, License: N/A

Jared McTague is general manager at Flontech USA LLC.

Jared McTague is always willing to do more than what’s required. In addition, the general manager at Flontech USA LLC holds strong core values in his personal life that he applies to his professional life and that of the company.

"I believe that honesty, integrity, accountability and personal responsibility are four very vital qualities needed in order to be successful. All of these put together make for great teamwork. No one will ever be able to perfectly achieve all of the these values, but I believe that the more a person or company work towards continually bettering themselves, the closer they will align with these values and the better they will become," says McTague.

As the general manager at Flontech USA, he is responsible for the oversight of all operation of the young business. He works very closely with the ownership of the company in strategic planning for the company. "We currently employ approximately 36 people and we are very growth-oriented. We are continually looking to add to this group of workers."

He enjoys the large variety of different kinds of work Flontech continually presents him. Beginning as an intern with a sister company of Flontech while he was still in college, he later transitioned to Flontech in 2005 when the company was just being formed.

He feels that possessing a very strong work ethic has been key to much of his success in his career. "I enjoy working. It is not a burden to me, but rather something that I enjoy doing. As the classic saying goes, I live to work, not work to live," he says. In addition to these traits, he has always continuously improved himself with every opportunity and jokes that he considers himself an overachiever. He often laments that there is never enough time in a day to complete what he wants to do.