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Photo: Tom Bonomo, License: N/A

Justin M. DePhillips is account executive and director of marketing at Signature Building Systems of PA LLC.

Justin M. DePhillips believes that the better he performs at his job the better his life will be. He explains, "Essentially, we’re a supplier in the home-building business. In any industry, the supplier’s job is to make sure customers have the tools and products they need to succeed. If the customers succeed, the suppliers guarantee their own success. If we can deliver our customers a high quality house for a fair price, our customers should have no problem closing sales. The rules I live by essentially follow that same pattern. My job is my supplier."

As an account executive and director of marketing at Signature Building Systems of PA LLC, he holds two separate jobs — one as a salesperson and the other is handling the company’s marketing needs. He’s doing this through the increased use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. He’s also focused on making sure the company website, blogs and email blasts are being used to efficiently communicate with the company’s builder network and customers.

He credits his success to both of his parents teaching him to strive for success; his brother, Spencer, who has been an inspiration to him; and his fiancé, Elizabeth Frosini, is the calming influence in his life.

His father has been his greatest mentor. The two are so close they can and often do communicate without even speaking. He finds that working at a company his dad created through his own sweat and tears is far too "awesome" to pass up.

DePhillips’ professional goal is to someday lead the company as well as his father has for the past 20 years. "We have a great team at Signature and I am very confident that someday, when I am in charge, we will have an equally great team and be able to achieve the same level of success we have had and more."