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Reaction: Hospital Association approves of the plan
The idea that every Pennsylvanian must have access to health care, through insurance coverage and sufficient provider capacity, has driven the public policy agenda for Pennsylvania’s hospitals—and The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania—for a generation.
The broad aims of Healthy Pennsylvania—access, quality, and affordability—align well with the hospital community’s priorities for strengthening Medicaid, which are to provide insurance coverage for at least 350,000 additional low-income, non-elderly, working Pennsylvanians and their families and to improve quality through more timely and appropriate treatment.
We are pleased that this plan also strengthens health care for all Pennsylvanians in other ways, including measures to bolster children’s health insurance coverage, improve access to primary care, expand physician training and supply, bring specialized care to rural communities through expanded use of telemedicine, implement medical liability reforms, and more.
— Hospital Association of Pa.