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Reaction: Pennsylvania Medical Society likes loan forgiveness, increased residencies for medical students
As part of our eight principles of health system reform, the Pennsylvania Medical Society has long supported the idea that health-care coverage should be available and affordable to all Pennsylvanians, and that it should reduce administrative costs and improve efficiency.  While most of the attention from the governor’s announcement certainly will focus on the importance of a competitive health insurance market, many other parts of his proposal are also deserving of attention.
Physicians and medical students have sought to address our physician workforce training needs with an increase in residency slots and student loan forgiveness programs that could help improve access to quality care, particularly in underserved locations. The governor’s plan includes meaningful efforts to expand residency slots across the state and assist medical students in paying down their medical school debt by practicing in underserved areas. Both of these actions are critical to assuring that a sufficient number of physicians remain in Pennsylvania to help serve as part of a physician-led, patient centered health delivery team.
Physicians also have expressed concerns about prescription drug abuse and pill-seeking doctor shoppers. The proposed development of a controlled substance database would aid health-care teams in determining if a person in their exam room or in the emergency department is drug seeking.
 — Pennsylvanian Medical Society