American Honor Beer Company announces launch of 'Boondoggle Beer'

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After 234 years, America is heading back to its foundation…at the local tavern.

American Honor Beer Company announced that it will launch a new beer this summer named Boondoggle Amber Lager.

American Honor Beer Company said it encourages the revolutionary idea of promoting thought and discussion through beer. The company believes that Boondoggle Beer will be an inspiration to those who value and desire a return to the classical principles upon which America was founded. The initial launch is scheduled to take place in Pennsylvania, followed by national distribution later in the year. The beer is brewed in Wilkes-Barre at the Lion Brewery, one of the longest surviving breweries in the United States.

American Honor Beer Company has chosen the name Boondoggle in recognition of
the endless boondoggles that politicians have created and bestowed upon the American individual throughout the country’s history.

With a deep understanding of the importance of American history and classical
American principles, American Honor Beer Company created its own declaration. Found on their website at, it states, “Our brew serves as a rallying point for those who cherish and commemorate America’s founding principles and who believe that we need to return to those values. We’ve introduced Boondoggle Amber to celebrate the revolutionary principle of securing natural rights over tyranny. Go out and conquer a Boondoggle today – stand up with General Liberty’s call for No Waste, More Taste!”

General Liberty is a delightfully inspired embodiment of American Revolutionary leaders. However, he is no mere namesake confined to carrying a beer label on his back. General Liberty is best described as a patriot who honors America’s founding principles in the daily course of leading today’s Americans to recognize and conquer tyranny. Full of strength, wit and intellect, Liberty is a man you would want by your side on the battlefield or at the pub.

Boondoggle Beer is brewed in a classical American amber lager style that returns to the
traditional founding principles of brewing similar to the beer brewed by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. The brew is made with 100 percent barley malt, hops and pure Pocono mountain water.

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