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Madison Township

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Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for people of all ages but it is especially important for babies and children. Because their brains develop rapidly during the first few years of life, children need proper sleep or else the effects could be devastating. Tara D’Amico and Christine Mizenko created Little Night Owls Sleep Solutions in the hopes that they could teach infants or children proper sleep habits and achieve a better-quality life for families.



Can you tell us about Little Night Owls Sleep Solutions?

We are certified infant/child sleep consultants. We help families nurture their child’s sleep by creating a customized sleep plan, where we gather every detail of baby’s days, nights, temperament and eating habits. The plans include guidance on age-appropriate wake times, a coordinated feed and sleep schedule, and bedtime/naptime strategies to help baby learn self-soothing for independent sleep. We also offer specific follow up support via phone and email to answer questions, navigate any hurdles and motivate until all sleep goals are achieved. We are there to guide families through the innumerable “what ifs” in a way that a book cannot.

What inspired you to start your business?

We were inspired to start our own business by way of ​our own childrens’ struggles and the understanding that sleep (or lack thereof) is such a common issue for parents of small children. We saw an important​ need for sleep education and support to go along with it. 

What steps go into creating a plan to get children to sleep better through the night?

The steps that go into a comprehensive plan to get your child to sleep through the night are a combination of sleep education, along with commitment and consistency. Your child’s age and personality, as well as your particular parenting style also play a role.

Who can participate in your program?

Families with children of all ages can participate in our program. We primarily deal with children under the age of five and we’ve worked with children​ as old as eight. 


How do you envision the Chamber helping your business in the future?

Simply by letting people know that this service exists. Neither one of us knew about sleep education when we were expectant parents. We believe that letting other tired parents know that help is out there will help us reach more families.