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Old Forge (570) 451-1001 Member since 2016

Old Forge-based Namaste 919 aims to introduce the community to a wide variety of stress reduction methods — including yoga classes, massage therapy, meditation and a Himalayan salt therapy room. Owners Chloe Lukas, Cassie Clark and Margaret Clark hope people will discover that taking a moment to relax isn’t that difficult.

What inspired you to start Namaste 919?

The area and the people inspired us. We saw the need for healing and happiness, as well as a restoration of youth in the souls around us. We wanted to bring life and purpose to everyone we encountered during our time living in this area.

What are the health benefits of yoga?

Yoga has a wide variety of health benefits, including increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone. It also helps improve respiration, energy and vitality, as well as a balanced metabolism. It promotes healthy weight loss, cardio and circulatory health and improved athletic performance. Yoga also helps protect a person from injury and it helps restore elasticity in limbs and muscles.

What are some of your other services?

We also offer massage therapy, meditation classes, Himalayan salt therapy, near-infrared light/sauna therapy and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations.

What is Himalayan Salt Therapy?Salt Therapy is one of the safest and most effective ways to heal your body, inside and out. Our unique salt unit uses salt’s natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and absorbent properties to relieve many chronic health conditions affecting the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system and skin. Our salt booth activates and purifies salt, so that micro-sized salt particles can be inhaled into the respiratory system, begin to absorb and remove allergens, toxins and foreign substances that collect in the lungs and respiratory tract.

What should new clients try?

We recommend a Tour of Namaste 919 which includes three yoga classes, one 30-minute massage, one 20-minute Near-Infrared Sauna session and one 20-minute salt therapy session. It’s a $150 value package for just $100 and you get a sampling of everything we do.

How do you see the Chamber helping your business in the future?

Our Chamber membership helps us reach vast numbers of people, helping us promote health and wellness to each of them and allowing us to circulate positive lifestyle and healthy habits to everyone in the area. People deserve to live the life they’ve always wanted, and they deserve to be happy, too. We believe that the Chamber and Namaste 919 as a team could do wonders for the people of our area and show them that living a healthy lifestyle is possible, and that it is easy.