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Scott Stiner, CEO and president of UM Technologies LLC, a national provider of utility-based custom software applications, has agreed to acquire a majority interest in three locally owned organizations, Software Engineering Associates Inc. (SEA); Hydro4GE Inc.; and TR Technology Solutions (TRTS).

The companies will provide custom programming solutions, white-labeled products, managed IT services, as well as other core services within its portfolio, and will actively market these services to a national customer base.

“We are excited about the transactions and look forward to the results of leveraging assets, workforces and development capacities,” said Stiner. “This new structure will allow us to service a national footprint and provide solutions throughout a variety of sectors, including energy, media, health care, higher education and government,” said Thomas “Tim” Speicher, former CEO of SEA, Hydro4GE and TRTS. Speicher will remain an active board member in each of the companies.

The change in majority ownership affects more than 75 employees across the organizations, with the net impact expected to result in significant hiring to fulfill current and upcoming contracts.

“The companies have been quite busy satisfying existing contracts, but there will also be an expanded focus on generating new business and creating a national sales force,” said Stiner, adding that “the staffing analysis has produced an active search for local programmers and account managers to work out of our Moosic development office”.

Each of the organizations will continue operations as individual entities with Scott Stiner serving as CEO and president of all four companies.