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Photo: Tom Bonomo, License: N/A

Andrew Torba, CEO and co-founder of Kuhcoon

Andrew Torba leads by example, a trait he says requires deep self-knowledge. “It requires a lot of introspection as well as the ability to find people who compliment your skills while also sharing your passion,” he says.
As CEO and co-founder of Kuhcoon, a social media management service for businesses around the world, Torba cites hard work, discipline, faith, and tenacity as ingredients for success.
Always navigating away from what “everyone else” is doing, he lives in the future, thinking through the next several months or years meticulously and planning to reach his goals. However, he says, ideas are worthless unless you, “Execute. Execute. Execute. Don’t waste time talking about ideas, go out and make them come to life.”
“The world around us is changeable with many problems to be solved. At the end of the day that’s what an entrepreneur is, a problem solver,” he says.
As CEO his job responsibilities vary, but include those of an accountant, salesman, manager, strategist, marketer, or whatever else happens to pop up. His No. 1 passion is social media marketing and he keeps a constant focus on every single client. “The best part of my day is waking up and going to a job I love with the most talented individuals in northeastern Pennsylvania. Nothing can ever replace the freedom of being an entrepreneur,” says Torba.
His parents are the core influence in his life, they both taught him to stand up for what he believes in. His professor, advisor, and friend, Teresa Grettano, is his mentor, who helps him see the world through a different lens. He is also grateful to business co-founder Charles Szymanski, his best friend since eighth grade.
His many goals include more offices, including one on the West Coast and in London within the year and to continue building Kuhcoon into a billion-dollar company.